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Course Image Establishing Goals

The course is focused on goal setting, its importance and how to set goals. Realistic and unrealistic goals and methods to decide attainable goals will be studied. The role of ethics and values in goal setting and decision making will also be an important part of this course. 

Course Image Journey to Self Awareness

In this course you will learn to develop your self-awareness, an essential skill to develop personally and professionally. The determination of your strengths and benefits of self-awareness will be the main emphasis of this course. Techniques to gain self-awareness through self-analysis and understanding your attitudes and limitations is the expected outcome for the students of this course.

Course Image Stress and Time Management

The management of time and the importance of stress is the primary emphasis of this course. You will discover whether your current methods help you in managing your time or not. Whether you are getting too much slack or no rest at all. The two types of stress, one that increases performance and one that decreases performance and most importantly, how and when to say no to a given task to reduce stress will be studied. 

Course Image Conflict Management

This course focuses on conflict, the importance of conflict and how it arises. It further describes different personality types and the causes of conflict between them. Finally the significance of conflict resolution and methods to resolve a conflict will be the main emphasis of the course. The student will be presented with scenarios and will be guided to healthy and unhealthy ways of conflict resolution.

Course Image Self Disclosure and Trust

Revelation of oneself to others and learning to trust others by taking a leap of faith is what this course is all about. You will learn about the relation between trust and disclosure, its importance in the professional world and the amount of disclosure that can increase your performance or ruin your career.