Teaching Essentials Certificate Course is a program of study primarily for people who are currently teaching, but have had little or no formal teacher education. It is an introductory program that considers the three domains of being a teacher: Professional Knowledge and Understanding; Professional Practice; and Professional Values, Relationships and Engagement.

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Course Image TECC08: Essential Skills for Effective Teaching

In this course, you will explore 21st century skills for teaching and learning, such as creativity and innovation, critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, etc.

Course Image TECC07: Developing Relationships

This course will help you understand the importance of developing relationships in educational settings, relationship of teachers with students, parents and other teachers, role of parents in education, developing a positive and nurturing school culture, etc.

Course Image TECC10: Integration of Technology across Classroom

This course will help you understand the concept of technology integration, why technology integration is important, technology integration models, technology integration in action (examples, scenarios, and strategies), 21st century classroom dynamics, etc.

Course Image TECC05: Introduction to Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

This course will help you understand the future of ICT and technology in education, educational technology and tools, basic communication and collaboration tools, working with Word Processing, PowerPoint Presentation and Excel, etc

Course Image TECC09: Innovative teaching pedagogies

This course will help you understand the role of innovation in education, characteristics and importance of innovative educators, innovative pedagogies of the 21st century like project-based learning, inquiry-based learning, etc.

Course Image TECC06: Introduction to Student Assessment

This course will help you understand the importance and types of assessment, methods of assessment and assessment strategies, how to write good assessment items, preventing cheating and plagiarism, grading practices, and the importance and principles of feedback, etc.

Course Image TECC01: Introduction to Teaching and Learning

This course will help you understand learning and its types and the various factors that affect learning, theories of learning and its real-life applications, teaching and the role of teachers in 21st century, teaching styles, characteristics of 21st century teachers and learners, etc.

Course Image TECC02: Learners and Learning

This course will help you learn about different stages of development, motivational, cognitive, psychosocial and socio-cultural developmental theories and their educational implications, how children learn and how teachers can facilitate their learning, different learning styles and implications, Multiple Intelligences and its classroom implications, etc.

Course Image TECC03: Planning for Effective Class

This course will help you understand the importance of planning, approaches to lesson planning, Bloom’s Taxonomy and its applications to lesson planning, importance of questioning as a powerful tool of communication, different instructional strategies, how to develop a lesson plan, etc.

Course Image TECC04: Classroom Management

This course will help you understand the dynamics of classroom management, the importance of setting expectations, norms and rules, classroom management styles, strategies and practical approaches to behavior management in classroom, importance of classroom environment, how social-emotional needs and emotional disturbance can be accommodated in classroom, etc.