Available courses

    Course Image Teachnology: Project-based Learning - An Authentic Learning Approach

    Project-based learning is a dynamic approach to teaching in which students explore real-world problems and challenges. The goal of the Project-Based Learning facilitated online course is to help teachers improve their understanding and application of project-based approaches in the 21st Century classroom. The course will introduce you to the concept of project-based learning (PBL) and help you implement this pedagogical approach in your classroom by providing concrete examples, ideas and tools that can inspire and support you and your students to embark on a PBL learning journey. The course will focus on planning, design, assessment and management of project-based learning. 

    Course Image Teachnology: eLearning Design and Development

    An exclusive crash course to provide participants with foundational knowledge and tools needed to design and develop engaging e-learning experiences

    Learning Outcomes:

    • In this six-day crash course, you will learn how to create successful e-learning with advanced design techniques and course content development skills.
    • You will also discover how to design learning experiences that go beyond the transmission of information to engage the learners and reach targeted performance levels.
    • You will use tools and practice techniques that produce engaging, memorable and meaningful learning experiences for a wide variety of learners.

    That’s not all!

    Participants will design and develop a complete eLearning course by the end of this course.

    Rejuvenate your traditional instructional knowledge and skills with the latest e-learning tools and techniques based on best practices from organizations around the globe that have implemented successful eLearning programs.

    Who can enroll?

    For teachers, trainers, content developers and course designers who have less than one year's experience in course design and development as well as those who are more experienced but have no formal training in course design and development.


    What’s in it for you?

    • Connect with e-learning professionals.
    • Free access to LearnTech.pk’s guide to instructional design.
    • Receive internationally endorsed certification
    • Present your final learning project and gain individualized feedback and analysis
    • Get a participant manual, with free tools, resources, and templates to use


    Course Format

    • Blended (content delivered online through LMS  / class time used for discussions and hands-on learning)
    • Three Phases
      • Phase One: Beginner (Day 1&2)
      • Phase Two: Expert Level (Day 3)
      • Phase Three: Master Level (Day 4&5)

    Course Image Teachnology: Teaching and Learning with Technology

    Teaching with technology is not just about staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and tools. It is about knowing how to effectively and successfully integrate the most effective tools into teaching whenever and wherever it makes sense. Keeping this in mind, this foundation course has been designed with a focus on equipping teachers with educational tools and technologies to transform how they teach and how the students learn, allowing them to unlock their potential and become change agents who will create and inspire positive change in the education system of Pakistan. 

    The effectiveness and success of technology integration in schools and the role of school administrators in this effectiveness are very important current issues, so that is also going to be a focus of this course. As a teacher, administrator or coordinator, this course will help you find creative, innovative and constructive ways to incorporate technology into teaching and classroom. It looks at exploring the benefits of integrating technology, as well as potential challenges and stumbling blocks. It will also offer you an insider look at the best practices around the world for using technology to enhance teaching practices and learning.

    Course Image Teachnology: 21st Century Skills with Powerful Tools of Web 2.0

    This course has been designed for teachers of all subjects, levels and experience. The course will allow teachers to explore and define 21st century skills necessary for students to be exposed to in 21st century classrooms. It will help them to apply new information learned throughout the course to implement 21st Century strategies, ideas and concepts using Web 2.0 tools to help improve teaching and prepare students to be college and career ready and modify current teaching practices based on real world connections/context. 

    Course Image English Language Teaching and Assessment (ELTAA)

    The ELTA - A is designed for candidates who have no experience of teaching English language to adults. The qualification is an intensive program of study which will enable candidates to gain a recognised teaching qualification, with a focus for those wishing to specialise in teaching English to children or adult speakers of other languages.

    Course Image English Language Teaching and Assessment (ELTAB)

    ELTAB is designed for candidates who have very limited or no experience of teaching English language. The qualification is an intensive program of study which will enable candidates to gain a recognized teaching qualification, with a focus for those wishing to specialize in teaching English to either speakers of other languages or for those who wish to teach English Language.

    English language testing system

    Course Image TECC08: Essential Skills for Effective Teaching

    In this course, you will explore 21st century skills for teaching and learning, such as creativity and innovation, critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, etc.

    Course Image TECC07: Developing Relationships

    This course will help you understand the importance of developing relationships in educational settings, relationship of teachers with students, parents and other teachers, role of parents in education, developing a positive and nurturing school culture, etc.

    Course Image TECC10: Integration of Technology across Classroom

    This course will help you understand the concept of technology integration, why technology integration is important, technology integration models, technology integration in action (examples, scenarios, and strategies), 21st century classroom dynamics, etc.

    Course Image TECC05: Introduction to Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

    This course will help you understand the future of ICT and technology in education, educational technology and tools, basic communication and collaboration tools, working with Word Processing, PowerPoint Presentation and Excel, etc

    Course Image TECC09: Innovative teaching pedagogies

    This course will help you understand the role of innovation in education, characteristics and importance of innovative educators, innovative pedagogies of the 21st century like project-based learning, inquiry-based learning, etc.

    Course Image TECC06: Introduction to Student Assessment

    This course will help you understand the importance and types of assessment, methods of assessment and assessment strategies, how to write good assessment items, preventing cheating and plagiarism, grading practices, and the importance and principles of feedback, etc.

    Course Image TECC01: Introduction to Teaching and Learning

    This course will help you understand learning and its types and the various factors that affect learning, theories of learning and its real-life applications, teaching and the role of teachers in 21st century, teaching styles, characteristics of 21st century teachers and learners, etc.

    Course Image TECC02: Learners and Learning

    This course will help you learn about different stages of development, motivational, cognitive, psychosocial and socio-cultural developmental theories and their educational implications, how children learn and how teachers can facilitate their learning, different learning styles and implications, Multiple Intelligences and its classroom implications, etc.

    Course Image TECC03: Planning for Effective Class

    This course will help you understand the importance of planning, approaches to lesson planning, Bloom’s Taxonomy and its applications to lesson planning, importance of questioning as a powerful tool of communication, different instructional strategies, how to develop a lesson plan, etc.

    Course Image TECC04: Classroom Management

    This course will help you understand the dynamics of classroom management, the importance of setting expectations, norms and rules, classroom management styles, strategies and practical approaches to behavior management in classroom, importance of classroom environment, how social-emotional needs and emotional disturbance can be accommodated in classroom, etc.

    Course Image An Interactive Introduction to Early Childhood Education

    This course is designed for the novice early childhood practitioners, teachers and parents to enhance their understanding pertinent to this vital stage of human development i.e. early childhood development. The focus of this course is mainly aimed at enhancing the skill sets of the participants to build understanding of how learning should be facilitated in the early years of life, plan learning activities and resources that are child friendly and have elements of sensory stimulation and designed developmentally appropriate assessments for the same. Moreover, also to critically appraise the theories pertinent to child development and education in place.

    Course Image 7 Core Skills for 21st Century Librarians

    By the end of the course, you will be able to:

    • Understand the role of the new librarians in today’s education.
    • Know and understand the seven core competencies for 21st century librarian and its implementation in daily routine.
    • To enhance skills of librarians to develop innovate program for making library the learning hub.
    • Understanding the role of budgeting for the library.
    • The role of the librarian in building information literacy skills in the learners.
    • Engage with a variety of web 2.0 technologies.
    • Develop an interactive presentation and tutorials for the library.
    Course Image Establishing Goals

    The course is focused on goal setting, its importance and how to set goals. Realistic and unrealistic goals and methods to decide attainable goals will be studied. The role of ethics and values in goal setting and decision making will also be an important part of this course. 

    Course Image Journey to Self Awareness

    In this course you will learn to develop your self-awareness, an essential skill to develop personally and professionally. The determination of your strengths and benefits of self-awareness will be the main emphasis of this course. Techniques to gain self-awareness through self-analysis and understanding your attitudes and limitations is the expected outcome for the students of this course.

    Course Image Stress and Time Management

    The management of time and the importance of stress is the primary emphasis of this course. You will discover whether your current methods help you in managing your time or not. Whether you are getting too much slack or no rest at all. The two types of stress, one that increases performance and one that decreases performance and most importantly, how and when to say no to a given task to reduce stress will be studied. 

    Course Image Conflict Management

    This course focuses on conflict, the importance of conflict and how it arises. It further describes different personality types and the causes of conflict between them. Finally the significance of conflict resolution and methods to resolve a conflict will be the main emphasis of the course. The student will be presented with scenarios and will be guided to healthy and unhealthy ways of conflict resolution.

    Course Image Self Disclosure and Trust

    Revelation of oneself to others and learning to trust others by taking a leap of faith is what this course is all about. You will learn about the relation between trust and disclosure, its importance in the professional world and the amount of disclosure that can increase your performance or ruin your career.